Provincial GSA Coordinators

What is a GSA Coordinator?
The goal of the GSA Coordinators listed below is to foster student leadership by connecting students & teachers with resources, organizations, and the tools to support a GSA club in their school. GSA Coordinators hope to contribute to more welcoming, respectful, and safer learning environments for students of all genders and sexual orientations in Alberta schools. The GSA Coordinators aim to connect schools and organizations by providing resources, traveling across Alberta to schools who request support, and planning the annual Alberta GSA Conference.

There are many folks from different organizations across Alberta that provide support to GSAs/QSAs in schools. Below are the GSA Coordinators that are connected to the Alberta GSA Network that you can reach out to (with more to come!). We are all about info sharing!

Lauren (Alberta)

Lauren Alston (she/her) is a Provincial GSA Coordinator for Alberta, a new position within the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services (iSMSS) at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Lauren’s role is to help start, strengthen, and sustain gay-straight alliances or queer-straight alliances in Alberta’s K-12 schools and communities, with an emphasis on developing supports in rural communities. The GSA Coordinator’s ultimate goal is to foster student leadership within their schools and communities with the purpose of creating safer and more inclusive spaces for all students. Lauren aims to help students & teachers connect with local resources & organizations and will travel to any community in Alberta to work with schools to develop GSA support networks.

If you would like information, support, or resources regarding GSA/QSA’s in Alberta you can contact the Lauren by e-mail or phone at (780) 492-0766.

Hilary (Calgary & Area)

Hilary Mutch (she/her) is an educator at the Calgary Sexual Health Centre and the coordinator of Camp fYrefly, a 4-day retreat for LGBTQ youth as well as the Calgary GSA Network. She was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta (Treaty 7 Territory including the Siksika, Piikani, Kainai, Stoney Nakoda and T’suu T’ina Nations as well as the Metis Nation Region III) and holds a B.A. from McGill University. As the LGBTQ+ Youth Programs and Education Coordinator she believes in bringing youth-centered, creative and anti-oppressive programming to participants.

As part of the sex education team, she loves to teach and talk about consent, LGBTQ identities, harm reduction and resisting stigma. She also helps guide the CSHC education team meeting with and supporting GSA’s in Calgary and area schools. Educators at CSHC visit schools and offer resources, activities, presentations to GSA students and teachers. Outside of her work, she’s passionate about nature, cycling, feminism, queer literature and film and hanging out with her cat.

If you would like information, support, or resources regarding GSA/QSA’s in Calgary & area, you can contact the Hilary by e-mail or phone at (403) 283-5580.

Thomas (Sherwood Park, Elk Island area, Camrose, and rural Alberta)

Thomas Trombetta (he/him or they/them) is a libra who moved from Brazil in 2012 to study Sociology at the Augustana Campus of the UofA in Camrose. Through his undergraduate experience, Thomas served as one of the executives for his campus’ Augustana Queers and Allies, helping organize Pride Week and advocate for gender and sexual minorities on campus. He has also worked closely with a local high school by doing policy advising and assisting their local QSA.

Now living in Edmonton, Thomas serves as altView’s Resource Worker, and works closely with GSAs, students, and teachers around the Sherwood Park Area. He has done many presentations about inclusive language, LGBTQ* policies, and delivered sensitivity training on LGBTQ* issues. He is also very passionate about discussing the intersections of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and immigration, as well as sad Spanish music and wooden scented candles.   You can reach Thomas at

Cayley (Lethbridge)

Cayley (she/her) is the Counselling Coordinator for Lethbridge Public School District No. 51.  Cayley’s role focuses on supporting and maintaining wellness throughout the Lethbridge Public School District.  A passionate supporter of positive spaces in all public settings, Cayley’s work extends to supporting the local GSAs at both the middle and high school levels.  Cayley also works with school administrators throughout the district, at all three divisional levels, to ensure that schools are welcoming, caring, positive spaces for ALL students, staff, and families. It is a priority for the Lethbridge School District to ensure that all students and families are reflected and supported in their learning environments, resources, and support systems.

Part of Cayley’s role is to bring people together to help identify the gaps and overlaps in the public school community, and to do something about them.  In an effort to identify and nurture positive supports for the youth of southwestern Alberta, Cayley is working with a group of passionate people to put on a Teen GSA Conference in Lethbridge.    The goal of the small-but-mighty committee is to make access to a yearly conference, an affordable possibility for any youth in the region.

If you would like to speak with Cayley about some of the work going on in the Lethbridge Public School District, or you would like to have her facilitate a connection to a specific person or group, please don’t hesitate to contact her by e-mail at or by phone at (403) 380-5320.

Do you provide supports to GSA clubs in your area? Email and request to get added to our list of GSA Coordinators!