Student Resources

Below you’ll find information and resources for students who are interested in starting or maintaining a GSA at their school.

GSA Club Application

Download the GSA Club Application Letter Template

If you or your school is unable to find a GSA/QSA club sponsor, the Government of Alberta will appoint a suitable club sponsor. Applications for a GSA/QSA club sponsor outside your school staff can be done using this Liaison Appointment Form.

Alberta Ministry of Education: Information for principals on supporting GSAs in your school

Recommendations for GSA Club Application

TIP: Send your application request via email and keep records of communication with your school staff during application process. It is helpful to give your school staff a timeline in which they must reply/approve your proposed GSA club. Check to see how long to application process takes for other clubs in your school and use the same timeline.
Here are more tips for working with teachers and staff to create a GSA at your school

Find/Submit Your GSA

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