Reviewers Network: TOP 10 BEST RETRO SLOTS

Retromania is a treasure trove of nostalgia with its simple slot featuring types such as vinyl, cassettes and more. According to the Reviewers Network, groovy theme music brings back memories, while the unique but straightforward symbol animations will please players!

Retromania is the perfect spot for those looking to pass the time. With an RTP of 96%, low volatility and mobile compatibility, this game will keep you engaged no matter where you are!

With the influx of brilliant developers, designers, and investors, the Canadian online gaming industry has had a rebirth in recent years, resulting in the creation of a product that is safer, more entertaining, and extremely rewarding. Discovering these Canada online casino review websites you will find that playing online is the top entertainment choices for people ages 23 to 35.


Roaring Forties Slot

Microgaming provides an elegant and classic slot experience with their RetroReels game. The theme focuses on keeping things simple, as it offers 5 reels of fruit-themed goodness, all while maintaining a tasteful design that lacks any background music or distracting images to get in your way during gameplay! You can expect high-quality graphics such as flashing 7’s (which will make you smile) plus catchy sound bites like “You’re In Luck,” which we know everyone loves when listening for some good old-fashioned gambling fun.

RetroReels is the perfect place to find old-school video slots with a huge selection of options and plenty that will appeal across all eras. It has an96% RTP and 20 paylines for your betting pleasure! Plus, there are 10k coins up front as well if you want them now or later – check out this great game from NetEnt Pesos™ online today.

Roaring Forties Slot

The fruit spinner is one of the most popular games around, and it’s back in style with Roaring Forties. With an orange backdrop that makes you feel like dancing to Beatles tunes while wearing shiny wingtips on your feet (or maybe even some grass stains), this slot analyzed by Reviewers Network has everything players love about these machines: catchy reel sounds; winning jingles!

Roaring Forties Slot

This slot has an RTP of 85.48%, medium volatility, 40 paylines and a jackpot that can be won more than 20k coins!

Triple Diamond Slot

IGT Triple Diamond is a slot machine that can be found in most land-based casinos as well. It has 3 reels and sets them against an electric purple background with simple sounds, classic clicks of the buttons on each reel turn dial alongside diamond-sized payouts!

Triple Diamond Slot is an excellent slot machine with a 96.5% return to player, medium volatility and the potential for big winnings! This easy-to-play gambling device will please any enthusiast who wants quick satisfaction at their fingertips.

Gonzo’s Quest Slot

Gonzo’s Quest is one of the most popular slots on NetEnt, as well as Yak Yeti and Roll slot with its charming animated character and big win potential. This cascading reel slot takes players back in time to an era when adventurers were setting out on their journey for treasure – but this time, it’s not really about finding riches so much as making them! You’ll guide GonZo along his quest while trying not only to get rich quickly…but also having fun doing so at free spins round after round until your wallet thanks you heartily (and perhaps even more importantly).

Gonzo’s Quest is a high-volatility, avalanche-style bet with multipliers and free spins. The win potentials are 2x times the original wager – making it revolutionary for those who love gambling on slots!

Centurion Slot

This slot machine, that can be found at Casigo casino, not only plays like a classic reel but harkens back to the age of gods and gladiators. Trumpets sound for every spin, bringing alive an ancient roman theme with big winnings that can be awarded if players land on special symbols such as swords or shields during their turns at bat (using coins). This game has its soul in simplicity; Animations are quick while spinning reels bring you into different worlds where fantasy becomes a reality–and even more magically possible winners might occur!

The 95% RTP, medium volatility and 20 paylines make this slot a surefire bet for those looking to put their money on the table. The potential winnings exceed $250k!

Jack Hammer 2

Jack Hammer 2 is an exciting mobile slot that brings back some old-school nostalgia for those who miss the days when superhero comics were new. This 5 reel, 99 payline action game follows our rugged hero on his journey to rid city streets of bad guys with nefarious plans while playing cool tunes like “Hells Bells” by AC/DC! NetEnt also provides great gameplay features such as free spins bonuses which increase your chances at winning big time – not only through traditional methods but betting opportunities too, so you can Phoenix jackpot all over again !!!

Jack Hammer 2 offers a 97.1% RTP with low volatility and bonuses that can be accumulated for different outcomes, including sticky winnings, large jackpots (990k coins!), plus more!

Mega Joker

The original fruit machine, now with a modern twist! This game takes you back to the good old days of gambling in Las Vegas. It’s full of flashing neon symbols and prizes that are so lucrative they’ll make your head spin – not just because it’s so exciting but also due to all those wins littering up our memories from years ago (you know what I mean). And if any player should toy with fate by betting on more than one line at once, then this surely must be done through an app like Mega Joker, where everything happens quickly without even having to move off the device while still being able to see how much cash has been placed into each bet.

The Joker is a high-volatility slot with a possible 99% RTP if you play using the super meter mode. It’s progressive, meaning that there is 200x more winning potential to your original bet – it’ll feel like playing poker!

Jackpot 6000

Jackpot 6000 is a simpler version of Mega Joker with an old-style slot design and flashing neons. It’s easy on the eyes, and has lower payouts, but still different enough that you won’t get bored quickly playing it over again!

Jackpot 6000 is a highly volatile slot with an RTP range from 95 to 98%. The max payout amounts are 60,000 coins, and it’s JackPOT!


The iconic Cleopatra slot machine at Jeton casino is back for another round. This time, it’s five reels and tons of gold! The Egyptian queen has been seen throughout history as one who steals hearts with her charm-filled smile – think Giza’s pyramids in between your wins on this one (and trust us when we say there will be plenty).

The jackpot in Cleopatra is a juicy 10,000 coins. With an RTP of 95% and medium volatility, this game has the perfect mix to keep players coming back for more!


Feel like you’ve been transported back in time? You’ll find your perfect retro fix today. We’re old school, and we know what makes this world worthwhile: Slotting away with a good game of chance is always worth it!