SAGA Club at Roland Michener Secondary School

  • March 20, 2017
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The SAGA (Sexuality And Gender Alliance) Club is located at Roland Michener Secondary School in Slave Lake. We are a student led group in a school grades 7-12. Although we have a core group of members, we invite and welcome all students at any of our weekly lunch meetings to come check it out!  During our meetings, we talk about whatever the students want to. If there is no particular topic that evolves, we have an anonymous question or topic box we can draw from or just hang out in a safe space.

The Beginning of SAGA:  SAGA began in March of 2015 at the request of a student. We had students vote on what kind of group it was going to be- the ATA manual on starting GSA’s lists four different kinds of GSA’s that you can have. Some are very public, some are more hidden. Some focus on educating the public, some have elected positions such as president and secretary etc. We read out those four kinds of GSA’s and decided based on majority what “type” of GSA we would be.

Developing the SAGA Club: The first few meetings were ice breaker games to build a sense of belonging, comfort and friendship amongst members. We designed the SAGA poster together (to advertise our meeting time/location/mission) during one of our meetings. Then we came up with a mission statement together and posted it in the school. We spent a few meetings at the beginning discussing how we could respond to stereotypes about SAGA (e.g., the assumption that everyone who comes must be gay, the question of why there is a need for such a group, etc.).

SAGA Club Mission: We developed a group mission statement and have our own bulletin board space. Our future plans for this year include continued relationship/team building, hosting drop in events to meet new people and bring in new members, and hopefully liaising with other GSA’s in the province via video conference or field trips.

Events We’ve Done:

1.) Bulletin Board – lists what SAGA is, what an ALLY is, and the history of GSA’s in Canada (to show that this is really nothing new!)
2.) Had the GSA coordinator come and talk to staff with some SAGA reps present as well to refer the conversation back to our own community and school
3.) Designing a mural to paint as a group to display in our school hallways (a couple of people will draw, we will all be responsible for painting a piece of it)
4.) Random Acts of Kindness Week- SAGA hosted a “gratitude day” in which they set up tables around the school at lunch and supplied any interested student or staff member with thank you cards so they could express appreciation to a peer/teacher who has been kind to them (cards delivered the next day)
5.) Potlucks! We love celebrating with food. Our last meetings before Christmas, spring break, and the end of the year are just social hang out and eat together kind of days
6.) School code of conduct- SAGA met with admin to share their input on our school code of conduct and made some suggestions on language and additions (centered around the inclusion of LGBT student treatment/rights)
7.) Topic box- we have a topic box in which students can anonymously leave a question or a discussion topic and if we are ever pressed for discussion material (the majority of our meetings are us getting together and talking about LGBT issues, related news, videos, etc.) we can draw an idea from the box and use that to guide that meetings discussion
8.) We have done a circle of pronouns so each member gets to share with the group their preferred pronouns/name


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