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Below you will find information and resources for teachers & school staff who are interested in helping students start or maintain a GSA at their school.

Alberta Teachers’ Association Policy on GSAs

At its 2005 Annual Representative Assembly, the ATA approved the following policy: “BE IT RESOLVED, that the Alberta Teachers’ Association support the establishment of gay-straight alliance groups to create awareness and action that promotes the creation of safe learning environments for all students in Alberta high schools.”
(Alberta Teachers’ Association, 2016)

See the Alberta Teachers’ Association list of Alberta LGBTQ Resources for Teachers


Alberta Teachers’ Association FAQ:
Sexual orientation and gender identity in schools
GSAs and QSAs

Resources for Families
Supportive Parents

FAQs about GSAs

Government of Alberta
Government of Alberta Policies

GSA Types & Tips

GSAs come in all types! Form a GSA that works best for your school, whether that is creating a hangout space, an activist group, or anything in between. Check out the types of activities GSA clubs are doing across Alberta on our new GSA Activities Blog or pour les ressources en français visite Mon AAH: Francophonie Jeunesse de l’Alberta!

The Alberta Teachers’ Association has a great guide on how to start & support a GSA:
GSAs and QSAs in Alberta Schools: A guide for teachers, Alberta Teachers’ Association, 2015

Government of Alberta GSA Tips & Information

Tips for working with GSA youth